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Forensic experts continued yesterday to search Priklopil's neat, three-storey cream house in Heine Street, Strasshof, a quiet and leafy road 15 miles from the centre of Vienna which remained sealed off to all but residents. Police released photographs showing the girl's prison cell, a 10ft by 6ft 6in by 5ft room at the bottom of a concrete staircase and sealed with an electronically-operated metal hatch.

Police believe it was purpose-built. Inside was a bed and a shelf full of books, a lavatory and a bath. Most neighbours said they had seen little of Priklopil. Priklopil's mother, who visited the house to cook for her son at the weekends, and his uncle, who lived next door, claimed to know nothing about the girl when questioned by police.

Yesterday a white van was parked in the back garden where neighbours said it had stood for years. Priklopil had kept Natascha locked in the tiny room for most of the eight years, but this spring started taking her out on short trips.

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The girl told investigators she was "grateful" to her kidnapper, who she was ordered to call "master", for providing her with books and newspapers. She was also allowed to listen to the radio and watch recorded television shows. It emerged yesterday that investigators had received a tip-off from the inmate of an Austrian prison that the schoolgirl had been murdered. It is possible that Priklopil had heard about the police hunt and thought they were closing in on him.


Natascha reportedly told the police that she was not surprised that he had taken his life. Erich Zwettler, of the federal crime office, said: "He told her 'they will not catch me alive'. Terms and Conditions. Dawn was mysteriously given an ereader with some books already preloaded on it. Once she starts reading them, she is enthralled. They are compelling and HOT! The continuing story makes her want to read and read them over and over again.

Before she knows it, she is drawn into the stories - litera We all want to BE someone. Before she knows it, she is drawn into the stories - literally! While High Commander Gavrill and his men are away on a mission, his planet was destroyed during a season of Mating. The women on the planet eradicated, along with the children. Many good Tsenturion's lost their Mates. Some even lost entire families. His only hope is a Tribute from a compatible planet. Dawn awakes to find herself aboard a spaceship, and told she will be given to High Commander as a Tribute.

A breeder, to jump start his species. But where is Dawn's choice? She's fitted with a "chastity belt" of sorts that stimulates her in all the right areas, making her ready for Gavrill, but she's reluctant. What kind of Tsenturion is he? Why won't he allow her to make the decision to be his? When they meet, he only sees her as a way to continue his race, but Dawn determines he will see her in so much more. She is stubborn, but not foolish, determined to make him see her as his equal.

Can two different peoples from entirely different worlds find the equality Dawn needs and love they both don't know they need?

It took some time for me to get into Alien Captive. I hated the way Gavrill first treats Dawn. He sees her as no more than his "pet", but that is not who she is. My heart ached for Dawn, needing to be more to him than some "trophy wife". Slowly, I found myself immersed in the story and the characters and came to really like the book. You will, too. It's applicable for Dawn. Sep 03, Heather rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed. Based on this book, I think I need to seriously evaluate what books I have loaded on my Kindle!

This was a humorous take on the alien captive romance that I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed. After Dawn finishes reading her latest sci-fi romance, she suddenly finds her self living the exact same story, only in real life. She is now a captive, about to be gifted to the commander of an alien race and never see Earth again.

Oh and everything that the alien race knows about human women they've learne Based on this book, I think I need to seriously evaluate what books I have loaded on my Kindle! Oh and everything that the alien race knows about human women they've learned from the other books on Dawn's e-reader.

Held captive by 'the master', she lost her childhood in a tiny room - Telegraph

Having read books before by Lee Savino, I expected to enjoy this story. This was the first book I have read by Golden Angel and I highly doubt it will be the last! This was a very steamy read and I definitely hope this writing duo comes together to write more in this series. Alien Captive takes a simple E-reader story of Dawns to a real-world alien kidnapping.

What would you do if the story you are reading is an EHarmany questionnaire? Well, that is pretty much what Lee and Golden have brought you. Dawn and Gavrill do not get along at all at first. These two rub each other wrong in so many ways. But like all things they come to an agreement and a middle ground. It just so happens to happen in the bedroom most of the time. Gavrill has a lot on his shoulders and Dawn showing up is not something he wants or needs right now.

But he soon learns that sometimes a woman is exactly what a man needs. This is a wonderfully written story with great characters that bring out the best and worse of each other. Sep 30, Aly is so frigging bored rated it really liked it Shelves: erotic-romance , erotica , aliens , sf. This was a really shallow story, but it so fun! If they continue the series, so will I! Oct 01, Jessica rated it it was amazing. Alien Captive is the first book in a new series by the amazing Ms. Angel and Ms. Dawn is kind of a loner who tends to live vicariously through the characters in her book.

One night, while reading about the sexy Tsenturions, she is literally sucked into her ereader and sent on an adventure of a lifetime. While their bodies feel an intense connection, their minds are a little slower to catch up and things start to break down. When Dawn is placed in danger, can Gavrill prove that she means more to him than just Tribute, or will she find a way back home and be her own hero? This book is not your average alien abduction romance!

Savino did NOT disappoint, between the alien technology to the alien physiology, the bonds formed between Dawn and Gavrill Dawn is kind of this amazingly strong and independent woman but she has some real vulnerable moments and deep inside only wants to be loved. Gavrill was amazing to read because he had this strong desire to completely master Dawn, but he also had the responsibility to his people that he had to follow through.

I loved how naughty romance books were the catalyst to capture Dawn how fun and relatable! This book is filthy and super steamy, but there were also many areas that were filled with real emotion! I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to seeing where this series might go next and what delicious adventure will capture the next tribute! Sep 04, Dee rated it it was amazing. Juxtaposed alongside this extraordinary female lead is the embodiment of dominant male heat, an Alien who melts hearts as Unique Five Star Sci-Fi Adventure!

Juxtaposed alongside this extraordinary female lead is the embodiment of dominant male heat, an Alien who melts hearts as well as other unmentionables… The writing is superb, flows seamlessly and the story line drips with excitement oh, yeah… pun totally intended!

Does it get any better than this? I have a feeling it not only can… but will… with the next release in this creative new series. Caveat: The alien… err, um… anatomy is a bit different and was initially disconcerting but works very well within the context of slight humanoid evolutionary differences. Disclaimer: No Kindles were seriously harmed while reading this novel. Children 18 and over only! Fire retardant gloves highly recommended while reading. Sep 01, Badh rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , alien-abduction , power-exchange , golden-angel , lee-savino.

I will never again trust my e-reader. That doesn't mean that I won't stop reading on it. Because maybe I kind of hope that this could maybe happen to me. Dawn got gifted a mysterious e-reader. She decided to read the Tsenturion trilogy on it, and when she was done, all of a sudden, a blinding light came upon her and she was pulled through the e-reader and into the Jabols' hands. Well, I say hands The Jabols are working for and with the Tsenturion while the Tsenturions are protecting them. You I will never again trust my e-reader.

They have no women and nothing left to them except for revenge. But the Jabols are ready to help them with that. They have found a way to bring human women through to be the Tributes to the Tsenturions so that they can have families. Gavrill is the High Commander, and Dawn is going to be his Tribute. He's both excited and worried.

But when he sees her, there's no bit of worry left. He's just excited. Really, really, really excited. All the time. Even when he's supposed to be on the bridge. Most of his men are happy for him, but Bogdan, his Second is not. All he wants is to destroy the Vgotha.

I didn't like Bogdan, but I do like Bogdan. I understand him. I like Dawn and Gavrill, even though he's a complete and under ash-hole sometimes. He needs to be smacked around sometimes, especially when he is too busy listening to other things and not what he should. I can't wait to see what happens next, and I can't wait to see Bogdan if he gets a Tribute. Aug 27, Melody rated it it was amazing.

I read it straight through! Oh guys! This book killed me!

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Breeding program. I'm not even going to sum this book up. I'm just going to say You have got to read this. It's hilarious and hot. And what I've taken from this is: Be careful what you read. Sep 01, Teresa Lara rated it it was amazing. Two wonderful authors team up in this new series!! Sep 02, Saskia rated it liked it.

There where a lot of things I loved about the book, but skimming in a book is never a good sign for me. Loved the premise of the book and how the story started.

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And what was not to like about the Aliens. I could have done with a few sex scenes less and more story and interaction between the characters.. Oct 31, Julz rated it liked it. Very strange. The Tsenturions are a race that an enemy, the Vgotha destroyed their planet, but there was one ship of warriors still out in the galaxy that survived. The only compatible females are humans from Earth, but ones that should work as breeders. Now they must decide whom and how to bring humans light years away to become Tributes for these warriorsand that is the rest of this story.

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The Jabol send ereaders with stories on Tsenturions and see how the humans respond. They decide on their first female, she has no living family and stays rather isolated. When she finishes the book during a thunderstorm, something odd happens, and before she knows it, she finds herself no longer in her home, but instead in a lab strapped down to a table.

Just like in the book she read, she will understand what is happening, but it still comes with trepidation and disbelief. When she learns she is the first, and they want to bring more Tributes, she is gravely concerned about the women having families, children, and those who would mourn her loss, unlike herself who has no one.

It is one of the factors that they know must be considered. The Tsenturion assume that books read by a human woman are the standard in which human women are to be treated, including spankings, dominance, and BDSM. Fact 1: I am an alien captive and will probably be one for the rest of my life. Fact 2: I belong to the High Commander, and he is doing everything he can to bind me to him. But apparently, the bond goes both ways. He is so enamored with his new plaything that he is late to his duties, not wanting to leave her. It will cause issues with his second in command and a few other warriors.

When he tries to distance himself from Dawn and spend time with his men, she will be confused and feel shunned. Is she just an expendable commodity that can be replaced with a new Tribute? What lengths will Gavrill go to get her back? His Nemesis Returns. Jack Brighton. Twist in the Saddle. Jay Merson. Stripping it Down. Jami Alden. Disciplined by Mister Trask. Submitting to Mister Trask. Trucker Bugger. Gay Bully Payback. Nate Tanner. Zombie Sex Rampage. Ellie Saxx. Resident Zombie. Adrian Adams. Platinum Passion. Jen Katemi. District Jenna Powers. Enemies and Lovers Amongst Us.

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Captive Master

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